Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Once a upon a time there was a dark mysterious forest  that had mysterious creatures where nobody ever went. But there was one man stood up to it his name was Bob.  Bob got many men to help him.
Some of the men were cooks.  Others were builders. And others well looked for food. That was the very first moment. The workers had to build for 27 years! That was a long time to make the forest pretty. but they did it. had to work eight hours a day. They were lucky Sundays were days off . Five people had came to check it out .They liked it. eight people came now there were 13 people
living there.

Note from Mom:  Joey and I had talked about using his blog again, so I pulled it up to show him.  Company came and while I attended to them, Joey made his way to the blog and created what is above.  Later, he proudly showed me what he had done.  I was surprised that he was to this point already and told him that he was allowed to post.  I suppose we will be posting more frequently now.  It's about time.  Amazing how much they learn in such a 'short' amount of time.
If you have kiddos who would like to video
/comment reply, I think Joey would love to make some online friends. If you are comfortable mentioning your location (continent, country, state, whatever makes you comfortable) and anything 'teachable', it would help make some geographic connections for him. Thanks!