Friday, April 19, 2013

A Story: Chick-Fil-A

Note - I've been swamped here lately, but Joey's been asking to write, so without too many additional comments by me, I'm just going to let him, so that I can take advantage of his enthusiasm.  Enjoy!
-------------------------------------- the following is dictated by Joey and written by Mommy (Joey typed the italicized text):

Many days ago Joey met Nathan.  I love Nathan. He's my best friend. "Nathan, you're my friend."  And Nathan said, "I love you, too, Joey."  "Guess what!  Chicken butt!" "Do you want to come to the playground with me?"  And he said, "Yes!"  "Well, let's go!  Let's go in Ms. Elise's car because there's not a lot of space for us in the green car."

And they went to Chick-Fil-A.
Nathan said, "I want to go to Nani's house." Then we talked to Ms. Elise to see if she had enough 'gasolina'.  She said no, so then we went to Costco to get our 'gasolina' and then we went 'Zoom, Zoom' to Nani's house.  
The End.
Joey's just (quickly!) dictated two more stories to me, one he's titled "Spooky Sounds" (with sound effects and all) about a camping trip.  Unfortunately, I have to leave now, so we aren't going to post those. :-/


If you have kiddos who would like to video/comment reply, I think Joey would love to make some online friends. If you are comfortable mentioning your location (continent, country, state, whatever makes you comfortable) and anything 'teachable', it would help make some geographic connections for him. Thanks!